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The Reach4Wellbeing team supports and promotes the emotional wellbeing of young people and parent/carers through evidence based interactive online group programmes. We use a Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) informed approach for the Anxiety and Low Mood Skills Groups and a Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT) informed approach for the Brief Emotional Resilience Skills Groups.

Our online group programmes are delivered weekly, they include: 

1x 30 minute introductory session 

6x 60 minute weekly sessions 

1x 30 minute follow up session 8-12 weeks after the programme 

Programmes we offer are:

  • Parent/carers of children in school years – Reception (aged 5 years) to Year 2 - Little Explorers Anxiety Skills Group
  • Parent/carers of children in school years - 3 to 6 STEPS4Wellbeing Anxiety and Low Mood Skills Group
  • Parent/carers of children in school years – 3 to 6 BERG Brief Emotional Resilience Skills Group
  • Young people in school years 7 to 13 - STEPS4Wellbeing Anxiety and Low Mood Skills Group
  • Young people in school years 7 to 11 - BERG Brief Emotional Resilience Skills Group

Our programmes rely on practising skills outside the weekly group sessions. Research has shown that the more children and young people practise skills learnt in the groups, the more they saw improvements in their Anxiety/ Low Mood or Emotional Resilience and experienced greater positive well-being by the end of and following the group. Like any change, this entails hard work, persistence and making the time to attend and participate, if you feel you are not currently in the right place to make this commitment our programmes will not be as effective for you.

Service details

Service hours: Monday – Friday 9.00am -5.00pm

Location: Worcestershire

Team lead: Catherine Malleson

Email: whcnhs.reach4wellbeing@nhs.net


Worcestershire Reach4Wellbeing referral information

All referrals to CAMHS Reach4Wellbeing service must be made via this  referral form

The service is still currently taking online referrals, you need to be aware that the schedule of group appointments has not be finalised for 2024. All referrals will be considered by the service, triaged, and placed on a holding list. At a point a group becomes available you will be notified by the service. 

Referrals welcome from:

  • Young people aged 13+
  • Parent/ carers
  • All professionals

Completed forms should be sent to: whcnhs.reach4wellbeing@nhs.net.

We accept referrals where:

  • The child/young person has a Worcestershire GP.
  • The child/young person is between 5 to 18 years old.

We are currently unable to accept referrals if the child or young person:

  • Is currently engaged in a moderate to high level therapeutic intervention for a mental health illness.
  • Is currently under or is waiting to be seen by another CAMHS team 
  • Partakes in regular deliberate self-harm which is severe in nature
  • Has experienced multiple traumatic episodes
  • Requires one to one talking therapy support
  • Has made attempts to take own life and/or a deliberate overdose
  • Is currently receiving support from the Youth Justice Service
  • Requires intervention for their behaviours that are not linked to low to moderate emotional regulation difficulties

The Starting Well Partnership run groups for parents/carers who would like to build on their existing parenting skills and learn new approaches to support and recognise the feelings behind their child’s behaviour.

Once a referral is received it will be discussed at our earliest possible triage meeting

  • If the referral is accepted a letter to inform the parent/carer or young person (over the age of 16) of the outcome and an invite to the next available group will be sent.
  • There are occasions where our service may not be beneficial or be best placed to meet the child or young person’s needs; a referral outcome letter will explain why this is and what alternative options are available.

Help and resources

If you are a child or young people please visit the our information section to find out more about feelings and emotions.

Give feedback on our services

We are always looking for feedback on our services and we would love to hear from you. You can complete the quick CAMHS feedback survey here.