Get Involved

There are a number of ways in which you can get involved. Whether you'd like to give up some of your time and become a Youth Board member, to help recruit the right people for the right jobs, or just leave us some feedback there are lots of ways for you to take part. With your help we can improve our services and make sure we are getting it right. 

 All you need is an interest in your local mental health services within Herefordshire and Worcestershire. 


Compliment, comment or complaint

Our Patient Relations Team are a confidential advice, support and information service and welcome feedback about our services as we recognise the value that comments, complaints, concerns and compliments can provide. 

Your opinions make a difference.

Join the conversation about reducing waiting times for children and young people’s mental health services.

For the first time, the NHS is launching a month-long online conversation on children and young people’s mental health, with a focus on gathering learning and ideas on how we can improve waiting times and make services more accessible.

Using the Solving Together platform we will be inviting partners involved in the children and young peoples mental health pathway, professionals, children and young people and their families to have a say about this critical issue – with a focus on collecting ideas and best practice for ways to make our NHS services better in the future.  

The work will then continue with teams across the country to prototype and test the most promising ideas.

The conversations will be live from the 9th October. We want to hear from you, so come and have your say via

Have you been seen by CAMHS?

If you are, or have been a CAMHS patient what advice would you give to someone starting their journey? Do you have any tips or any words of wisdom? 

Knowing you are not alone can help with recovery so send us your tips, advice or thoughts at  and help others today. 

All emails will be treated annoymously, confidentially and only used for the CAMHS website and marketing materials. 


Our volunteers work throughout Herefordshire and Worcestershire and play an important role in enhancing the services which we provide. They improve the care experienced by patients and carers when they access our services.

Find out more about the latest volunteering oppourtunities by visiting the Trust's volunteering page. 

Get involved with the Youth Board

Our Youth Board provide a voice for young people to ensure the services we provide are effective and accessible in Worcestershire

We involve members of our Youth Board in both the continuing developments of existing services and when we’re designing new ones. Youth Board members are also invited to sit on recruitment panels and ensure the wider views of young people are represented throughout everything we do. For more information click here. 

Are you aged 14-25 and living in Worcestershire? Get in Touch:

Experts by experience

Experts by Experience are people who have personal knowledge of our services in Herefordshire - either through their own use of those services, or through caring for someone who has.

Are you interested in getting involved? Finf out more by visiting the Experts by Experience webpage

Community Engagement Panel

Are you a parent or carer of a child or young person accessing CAMHS?

The Community Engagement Panel is a group of service users, carers and interested members of the public who give views and feedback on a range of topics from complete service redesigns, to language used in patient documents. Members meet virtually once a month, and take part in surveys, focus groups and events and have the oppourtunity to shape the Trust’s services by becoming the public voice at the heart of our organisation. 

Read more on the Community Engagement Panel's website