Get Creative

Engaging in art activities can help alleviate feelings of anxiety and depression. It’s an activity that everyone can join in with no matter of skillset - boosting confidence and providing a much needed break from busy lessons! Why not try some mindful colouring sheets?

BE KIND_Adults colouring sheet

BE KIND_Adults [pdf] 1MB

BE KIND_Child competition colouring sheet

BE KIND_Child sheet [pdf] 62KB

‘No Offence Fence’

The no offence fence

Create a own ‘No Offence Fence’ which started as a response to bullying graffiti. Ask the class to join in by making a statement that rejects bullying by writing a positive message on a wall covered in paper, a chalkboard or even on the floor with chalk. They could be words, a lyric, a poem, a saying or a little doodle. Just as long as it’s something that would cheer you up.

For more information on the campaign please search @the_no_offence_fence on instagram or email Maxine Sims  -

Mindfullness Breathing for 12-18 years

Exploring relaxation can help you look after yourself when you’re feeling stressed or worried. Why not try these relaxation routines in your classroom.

Simple relaxation

Shortened Progressive Relaxation 

Progressive Relaxation


Mental Health Quiz

What to do;

  • Write/print out the letters A, B and C and place on the floor or walls of the classroom. If outside, you may find it easier to draw them larger using chalk.
  • Read the questions to the class out loud
  • The children decide which answer is correct and then move to the letter which they think represents the correct answer
  • Declare the right answer and see how many people got it right.

The Quiz

Download the quiz questions and answers here: 

The Great BIG lunch break quiz.pdf [pdf] 35KB

Mental Health Support for Children and Young People

Time to Change school resources

Time to Change have a range of tried and tested school sessions, activities, toolkits, training programmes and films with students and staff, to help children and young people become more open about mental health than any before.

Visit the Time to Change website for more information and to download their resources.