Worcestershire CAMHS Crisis and Home Treatment Team (CAHTT)

CAMHS CAHTT works within the community and in clinic bases, completing urgent assessments and offering intensive support to children and young people who might otherwise require inpatient care or are in need of intensive support that exceeds the normal capacity of other CAMHS teams.

We support children and young people experiencing a mental health crisis, undertaking assessments for those admitted to the paediatric ward for self-harm and suicidal ideation (wanting or thinking about taking your own life) or presenting in crisis within the community, which may include visiting you at home with your family.

We may offer care planning, intensive short-term treatment in the community, referral to other mental health services (both within and outside of CAMHS) and working in partnership with other appropriate agencies, ensuring the child or young person’s care and wellbeing is prioritised.

The team offer follow-up appointments and emergency assessments, 7 days a week.

We work with partners and multi-agency groups such as paediatric wards, schools, children services, mental health liaison in acute hospitals, adult mental health teams and inpatient mental health hospitals. If more specialist intervention is required, the team can instigate admission to a specialist mental health hospital for adolescents.

We also provide advice to other staff members and are proud to facilitate students on placement.

Service details:

Service hours:  Monday – Sunday,  8am - 8pm

Location:   Worcestershire, countywide

Worcestershire Single Point of Access (SPA) referral information

The below details should be used to refer in to Worcestershire CAMHS services listed here: Eating Disorders, CAMHS Plus, Learning Disability Services, Specialist CAMHS (Tier 3).

CAMHS only accepts referrals from professionals working with children and young people where there is concern that the child/young person has a mental health problem.

Referral documents 

Please send your referral to:

  • Address: CAMHS Single Point of Access, Aconbury North, Newtown Rd, Worcester, WR5 1JG
  • Email:  WHCNHS.CAMHS-SPA@nhs.net
  • Phone: 01905 520520
  • Working hours: Monday to Friday 9.00am - 5.00pm

We also accept internal referrals via the child or young person's keyworker. 

Help and resources

If you are a child or young people please visit the our information section to find out more about feelings and emotions.

Give feedback on our services

We are always looking for feedback on our services and we would love to hear from you. You can complete the quick CAMHS feedback survey here.