Asian young girl picture stood next to brown bear and title sadness


Sadness if very normal. We need to feel sad sometimes and we can’t always make it go away. But sometimes that creature can grow too big and feel too much.


Did you know five children in everyclass has a mental health problem. It is really common but we can help.


When this happens you might notice different feelings like feeling really tired, having headaches or not being hungry. You may experience lots of different feelings and have lots of sad thoughts which make you do, or not do, certain things.




Read about the sadness creature

Sadness is very normal

We need to feel sad sometimes and we can’t always make it go away

Sometimes that sadness creature can grow too big, and it can feel too much

When this happens, you might notice different feelings in your body

You may feel really tired.

Have headaches or tense shoulders

Your stomach may ache, so you are not hungry

You may feel like there are rocks in your feet stopping you from moving

You may also have sad thoughts about yourself the future or even the world

You may not enjoy anything anymore.

This might make you feel worried, surprised, calm, happy, sad, or angry.

You may want to do, or not do, certain things to make us feel better.

You may want to stay in bed all day or become upset and angry.

If that sadness creature is getting too big talk to an adult at home or at school.   

Need to talk to someone?

When you feel sad or worried you can forget to eat or sleep, which can make you feel worse. 

Try to eat healthy (yes, that includes eating vegetables) and get lots sleep. Exercise like running or sports can also make you feel happier!


Talk to someone 

Talking to someone can help you feel a little better.

You could talk to a family member like your mum or grandparent or close friend about how you are feeling – having someone to listen really does help!

If you don't want to talk to your family or friends you can also talk to your teacher about how you feel.