Image of two young children smiling looking at eachother on green background with word 'Friends' next to them

Making friends

Friendships can change for lots of reasons. It could be because

  • someone moves away,
  • you have an argument 
  • If you grow up and start to like new things
  • If another person joins the group
  • If something bad happens to someone


Friendships change and that is okay. You may find that you have changed too. Ask your friends what they like to do and tell them if you don't like something.  Also, try to remember both the good and not so good things about your friend - nobody is perfect. 


Friends should support you and make you feel happy. But sometimes friendships can give you different feelings including being sad, angry, worried, lonely, or confused. If you are feeling these, try to remember it's okay to not be friends with someone. 

You may also have too many friends and feel you don't need new ones. Try to pick friendships that bring the best out in you. 


Need to talk to someone?

When you feel sad or worried you can forget to eat or sleep, which can make you feel worse. 

Try to eat healthy (yes, that includes eating vegetables) and get lots sleep. Exercise like running or sports can also make you feel happier!


Talk to someone 

Talking to someone can help you feel a little better.

You could talk to a family member like your mum or grandparent or close friend about how you are feeling – having someone to listen really does help!

If you don't want to talk to your family or friends you can also talk to your teacher about how you feel.