Youth Justice Service and CAMHS

CAMHS/Youth Justice Service (YJS) link workers offer outreach work to the Youth Justice Service (YJS).  They are co-located within the Youth Justice Service and provide an integrated and collaborative approach.

They undertake assessments, provide mental and physical health advice, and targeted and evidence based mental health interventions for children and young people referred to YJS.

They also:

  • Offer consultation, liaison and advice to YJS staff to assist them in completing reports and signposting to appropriate services.  
  • Deliver training and support and collaborate with the YJS staff in the way the emotional wellbeing of young people is understood and supported.
  • Provide a valuable link between the YJS and CAMHS and assist young people to gain access to specialist CAMHS interventions where needed and indicated, including access to a consultant child and adolescent psychiatrist for opinion, diagnosis, and Mental Health Act assessment and treatment if needed.
  • Provide liaison and consultation to CAMHS staff to assist where their patients are involved with YJS.
  • Liaison with social care, forensic CAMHs, adult mental health service, liaison and diversion services
  • Facilitate group programmes
  • Work creatively and flexibly to engage with children, young people and their families who may require outreach and support as well as needing direct services.

Youth Justice Service referrals

Referrals are made to the link workers by youth justice officers.   

The service supports those up to the age of 18 years and who are open to the Youth Justice Service.

Help and resources

If you are a child or young people please visit the our information section to find out more about feelings and emotions.

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