Reach Out Professionals Information

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The NHS teamed up with a local young band, Split Second, to promote their new song, ‘Reach Out’, which talks about the impact of the pandemic on their mental health. 

As part of World Mental Health Day on the 10 October we asked local communities and proffessionals who work with young people within Herefordshire and Worcestershire to get involved.

School and college resources

Ways you can support the campaign:

  • There are a range of resources availible within the school resouces website section. 
  • Do you have mental health ambassadors within your school? Email to receive your free wristbands and promotional posters to help young people know they can ‘reach out’ to those wearing one.

Community Posters and social media graphics

11 different free family-friendly art inspired posters were created by local artists to encourage young people to ‘reach out’ for support. Each poster represents the theme of communities, connectiveness, support and diversity that have been produced in partnership with Artists Clubhouse.  You can access the digital versions of the poster below to be used at any time on your own channels. 

Downloadable resources: 

Reach Out Community Posters social media assets.docx [docx] 11MB

Reach Out artists posters_for website.pdf [pdf] 16MB